What to Do With a Slipping Transmission in Salt Lake Valley

transmission slipping, transmission slippageAre you worried that your auto transmission may be slipping in Salt Lake Valley, Washington? Transmission slippage issues can be complicated and very expensive to address. If your transmission hesitates or whines when you attempt to accelerate, it’s probably time to speak with an experienced transmission specialist. Take the following steps to address your slipping transmission’s issue in Salt Lake Valley.

Check Your Transmission Fluid

The most common cause for a slipping transmission is low transmission fluid. If you find that your vehicle’s transmission is slipping, follow the owner’s manual’s instructions on how to properly check the auto fluids. Keeping your transmission fluid at the appropriate level will help you avoid expensive transmission repairs.

Look for Fluid Leaks

If your transmission begins to show signs of slippage, make sure to look on the ground where you park your vehicle. Dark stains or pools of liquid may indicate that your vehicle has a transmission fluid leak. If you find that you need to replace your fluid frequently, you probably have a leak somewhere. Continue Reading →

Transmission Problems You Should Never Ignore in Cottonwood Heights

transmission problemsAre you experiencing difficulties with your vehicle in Cottonwood Heights, Utah? Youi may have transmission problems. It’s imperative that you speak with a transmission specialist right away; waiting can cause significantly more damage to your car or truck. You should never ignore the following transmission issues in Cottonwood Heights.


It’s probably time for transmission repair on your automatic vehicle if you experience slipping. This commonly occurs while you’re driving. It will seem as if your car has shifted gears for no reason and you’ll probably hear a loud noise from your engine.

Difficulty Shifting

The shift process between gears should be smooth. If your car or truck feels like its refusing to change gears, or you hear a loud clunking/thudding sound during shifting, seek assistance right away. Continue Reading →

Clutch Repair Indicators in White City

clutch repair indicatorsDo you drive a manual transmission car or truck in White City, Utah? If so, do you know how to tell when you need clutch repair? A malfunctioning clutch is no joke and should be addressed at your local transmission shop as soon as possible. There are actually a number of clutch repair indicators to watch for. Schedule an appointment with a transmission specialist in White City if you notice any of the following signs that clutch repair is necessary.

Gears are Slipping

Your vehicle’s transmission shouldn’t slip out of gear or jerk forward when you shift. When this happens, it’s an indicator that clutch repair or replacement is necessary.


Is it hard to push your clutch down? Or, does it fail to return to its normal position after pressing it down? Seek clutch repair right away, because there’s probablyt a problem with the hydraulic linkage. Continue Reading →

Signs You Need Drivetrain Repair Work in Taylorsville

drivetrain repairYour drivetrain is an essential component of your vehicle. It connects your car or truck’s engine to the drive axles and, while built to last, it can develop issues. It’s wise to have drivetrain repairs made early, because waiting can often cause further damage to your vehicle and result in a more expensive visit to your local transmission shop. If you notice any of the following signs, make an appointment to speak with a transmission specialist right away.

Problems Shifting Gears

One clear indication that you need drivetrain repair is if you have trouble shifting gears. This may present in several ways, including your gearshift’s feeling off or shifting difficulties that come and go. Continue Reading →

Benefits of an Automatic Transmission in South Jordan

automatic transmission benefitsDoes your vehicle have an automatic transmission in South Jordan, Utah? Automatic cars and trucks are very common today, in large part due to their simple driving design. While automatic transmissions will still require regular maintenance from a trusted transmission specialist, they do offer an easier driving experience. Consider why the benefits of an automatic transmission make it the right choice for your vehicle in South Jordan.

Simple Transition between Braking and Accelerating

When in heavy traffic, you often switch quickly between accelerating and braking. An automatic transmission makes this transition significantly easier because the driver doesn’t have to manipulate a clutch. Automatic transmissions are also less likely to stall, which can be embarrassing and inconvenient.  Continue Reading →

Regular Transmission Maintenance Extends Your Vehicle’s Lifespan

transmission maintenanceTransmission repairs aren’t only complicated, they’re time-consuming and expensive. While a trip to a transmission repair shop is sometimes necessary, the goal is to avoid it whenever possible. This is best accomplished by having an expert transmission technician perform regular transmission maintenance in Draper. Remember these great tips to help keep your vehicle running and performing well for years to come! 

Get Regular Oil Changes

One of the most important parts of proper transmission maintenance is scheduling regular fluid flushes and changes. Keeping the internal elements of your transmission properly lubricated is essential. Depending on the fluids used, you should have your vehicle’s oil changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Continue Reading →

Benefits of a Manual Transmission

manual transmissionAre you trying to decide whether an automatic or manual transmission suits your driving preferences better? There are advantages and disadvantages to each option. Before making your decision, it’s a good idea to speak with a professional transmission technician. He or she will be able to explain and discuss the differences extensively with you. Before you visit a transmission repair shop for answers, first consider the following benefits of choosing a vehicle with a manual transmission.


Cars with manual transmissions are known for being extremely strong. The transmission is robust and has the ability to handle very high torque loads. Continue Reading →

Common Standard Transmission Repairs

standard transmissionDo you own a vehicle with a standard transmission? If so, taking care of your car is the best way to avoid the need for repairs. It’s impossible to avoid standard transmission repair forever, however. Even with regular maintenance, you’ll eventually need to take your vehicle in to see a transmission technician. Detecting potential problems early can save you time and money, as it’ll allow you to schedule an appointment at your local standard transmission repair shop before the issue becomes worse. Here are several of the most common standard transmission problems you should be aware of.

Slipping Clutch

The clutch is designed to transfer power from your car engine to your transmission. A clutch that slips can be extremely problematic. Your vehicle will likely rev but remain motionless. This is something you should have a specialist inspect and repair right away. Continue Reading →

Automatic Transmission Care Tips

automatic transmission careTaking proper care of your automatic transmission is important. The better care you take, the fewer issues you will have and the longer your transmission will last. No one wants to pay for automatic transmission repair, but it’s impossible to avoid the task forever. While the cost of repairs will vary depending on the year and make of your vehicle, proper automatic transmission care and maintenance will limit the need to visit an automatic transmission repair shop. Here are a few tips to help extend the life of your transmission.

Have Your Transmission Fluid Checked

While checking your transmission fluid isn’t a complicated task, many car owners prefer that a transmission technician do it. Checking the level and color of the fluid regularly will help your transmission last longer.

Flush Your Transmission Occasionally

Flushing your transmission is essentially changing the fluid, just like you do with oil. Transmission fluid changes don’t need to happen as frequently, however. Approximately once a year should be acceptable. Continue Reading →

Finding Expert Automatic Transmission Repair in Salt Lake Valley

automatic transmission repairIs your vehicle having difficulty shifting gears? Maybe you’ve noticed a weird sound when you try to shift? It’s likely time for an automatic transmission repair. There are all sorts of potential problems you may have noticed with regards to your transmission. Don’t wait to have a professional transmission technician take a look at your car. Waiting can only make the problem worse, resulting in more expensive transmission and drivetrain repairs. Here are several tips that will help you find the best automatic transmission repair shop in the Salt Lake Valley area.

Don’t Go It Alone

Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. Finding reliable automatic transmission repair can be as easy as asking friends and family for recommendations. Continue Reading →